Strategic outlook for the TC market in 2024

September 13, 2023



TEC Annual Conference

Strategic outlook for the TC market in 2024

The TEC Annual Conference on 13.09.23 offers a comprehensive and exciting overview of current events in the telecommunications market. Together with numerous top managers, we will discuss current developments and analyze the possible consequences.

Including 20 top managers. Don't miss out on the 2023 conference highlight.

Among other things, we get to the bottom of the following topics:

  • Is consolidation accelerating and what does this mean for the market structure?
  • Are investors getting nervous or are they standing by their investments?
  • How is fiber optic expansion progressing in Germany and what is the booster?
  • How does Germany compare with Austria and Switzerland?
  • What innovations are emerging in services and how can they be integrated?
  • Sustainability - will the market have its own industry standard?


Smiling woman in business attire, portrait photo.
Alicia Stengel
Project Manager Strategic Marketing & Sustainability
Smiling man in a suit, portrait, grayscale.
Daniel Eckmann
Managing Director Telekom Strategy Consulting
Deutsche Telekom AG
Smiling middle-aged man with glasses and a suit.
Dirk Wierzbitzki
Head of Residential Customers
Swisscom Ltd.
Man with glasses and bald head, portrait photo.
Dr. Florian Gröne
Partner & Head of Telecommunications Business
PwC Strategy& (Germany) GmbH
Man in suit, professional portrait, black and white.
Dr. Frederic Ufer
Managing Director
Woman with leather jacket, portrait, black and white photography.
Elke Anderl
SVP Service Development & Innovation, Member of the Executive Board
Deutsche Telekom Service GmbH
Smiling businessman in a suit and tie.
Frank Sent
Director Consulting Emerging Technologies
CGI Germany BV. & Co. KG
Woman in white blazer smiles.
Johanna Heyden
Head of Future Business & Cooperations
Vodafone Innovation & Consumer Services
Man with glasses and suit smiles friendly.
Jörn Schoof
Our Grüne Glasfaser GmbH & Co. KG
Man with glasses and suit smiles.
Mario Zöller
Managing Director
Technology & Development HLkomm Telekommunikations GmbH
Smiling man with glasses, portrait photo.
Matthias Plappert
Managing Director
dfdx labs GmbH
Smiling man with glasses and black suit.
Peter Weichsel
Senior Executive Advisor, Member of the Management Board
PwC Strategy& (Germany) GmbH
Smiling businessman in a suit.
Ralf Gresselmeyer
GlasfaserPlus GmbH
Smiling man with glasses, business attire, portrait photo.
Robert Simmeth
General Manager DACH
Viasat Inc.
Man in suit smiling, professional portrait.
Ruben Queimano
German fiber optics
Businessman in suit smiling, portrait photo.
Soeren Wendler
Managing Director Marketing & Sales
Deutsche GigaNetz GmbH
Businessman in a suit smiles friendly.
Timo von Lepel
Managing Director
NetCologne GmbH and Stadtwerke Köln
Woman with blazer and turtleneck sweater smiles.
Valentina Daiber
Chief Legal and Corporate Affairs Officer
O2 Telefónica
Man in suit smiling, portrait photo, black and white.
Wolfram Rinner
Managing Director
GasLINE GmbH & Co. KG


13:30 - 14:30

Registration and get-together

14:30 - 15:15

What are the burning issues?

15:15 - 16:00

Outlook 2024 - investment climate, business cases, market structure

16:00 - 16:30


16:30 - 16:50

Chat GPT - From the experimental phase to commercial use

16:50 - 17:35

Which innovations are changing telecommunications?

17:35 - 17:50


17:50 - 18:35

Sustainability - Will the market have its own industry standard?

18:35 - 19:20

DACH markets in check - similarities and differences

19:20 - 19:30


19:30 - 22:00

Networking over a hot buffet